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100 C HA P. VI. The Glory of Chrift in the Difcharge · of his Mediatory Office. As the Lord Chrifl: was Glorious in the Su{cep- . tion of his Office : So was he alfo in its Difch age. An u nfeen Glory :accompanied him in all that he did, · in all that .be ihffered. Unfeen it was unto the eyes of the World, but not in his who alone can judg of it. Had men feen it they would not have Crucified the Lord ~f Glory. Yet to fome of them it was made manifeft. Hence they teftified that in the Difcharge of his Office, they beh~:ld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, Joh. I. 14; And that whei1 others could fee neitherforrn nor comltnefs in him that he fhould le de[z"red, Pfal. 53· 2. and fo it is at this Day. I fhall only make fome few Obfervatipns; firft, on what he did in a ?vay of Obedience, and then on what he fuf]'ered in the Difcharge of his Office fo · undertaken by him. · r. WHAT he did, what Obedience he yielded unto the Law of God, in the Difcharge of his Of.. fice, ( with refpeCt whereunto he laid, Lo, I ccrne ~o rlo thy 2J)ill 0 God, yea, thy law i.r in my heart ) it tvas all on his own fre-e choice or Election, and was refolved thereinto alone. It is our duty to endeavour after Freedom, Wtllingnefs5 and Chearfulnefs . in all our Obedience. Obedience hath its formal Nature from our Wtlls. - So much as there is ofour , Wills~