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on the Glory of Chrifl. 105 his Generation ? for he was cut off fi·om the land of the living, for the tran(grej]ion ( faith God ) of my 'feop:le w·~s he fmi~ten, Ifa: 53. 8. But thefe things I fl1alJ not mfifi: on m parttcnlar, but leave them under filch a vail as n·lay give us a profpefr into them, fo far as to fill our fouls with Holy Admiration. LORD ! What is 'man that thou art thus mindfnl of him, and the Son of man that thou viGteft him? Who hath known thy mind, or who bath been thy Counfellor? 0 the depth of the Riches both of the Wifdom C}nd Knowledg of God! Bow nnfearchab!e are his Judgments and his ways paft finding out! What iliall we fay unto thefe things? that God fpared not his only Son, bur gave him up unto death, and all the evils included therein, for fuch poor loft finners as we were ; that for our fakes the Eternal Son of God fhould fubmit himfelf unto a11 the evils that our Natures are obnoxious unto, and that our fins had deferved, that we might be delivered ! HOW Glorious is the Lord Chrift on this- Ac· count in the eyes of believers! \Nhen ttA dam had finned, and theiieby eternally, according unto the Sanction of theLaw,ruii~ ed himfe]f & all hi~Pofieri ty, he ftood afhamed, afi·aid, trembling, as one ready to perifh for ever under the difpleafilre of God. Death was that which he had deferved, and irmmdiate Death was that which he loolsed for. In this ftate the Lord Cbrift in the Promife comes unto him, and fays; Poor Creature! How woful i3 thy condition ! How deformed is thy appearance! VVhat is become of the beauty, of the Glory of rhat Image of God wherein thou waft created ? HOW