Owen - BT200 O97 1684

1 lo al;d DifcourfeJ drawn qver them whilft. he-was in' this World'. Hence the moft faw nothing of it, and-the bdl faw it but obfcurely. But in .ihis Glory that vai1 is taken off, whereby the whole Glory of his Perfon in it felf, and in the work of Mediation is moft illuftrioufly manif~fted. When we fha1I immediate· ly behold this Glory, we fhaii fee him as he k This is that Glory whereof the Father ~aJe grant unto him before the foundation of the world, and wherewith he was actuaily iilvdl:ed ll p6n his At cention. · 2, BY this Glory of Ctirift, i do not. urider~ ftand the Ej}ential Glory of his Divirie Nature ; ot his being abfolutely in his own Perfon over all God bleffidfor ever : But the manifeftation of this gJory in particular after it had been vailed in this world under the Form of a Servant, belongs'hereunto. The Divine Glory of Chrift in his Perfon belongs not unto his Exaltation ; but the manifeftation of it cloth fo. It Was not given him by' free Donation ; but the declaration of it unto tt't~ Church of Angels and Men after his Humiliation was fo. He left it not Whileft he was in this World; but the direct Evidence and Declaration of it he l[fid afUe , until he was declared to be the Son of Gocl 2vith Power, by the Refilrrettion from the Dead. \VHEN the Sun is under a total Eclipfe, he !o~ feth nothing of his Native Beanry, Light; and Glory. He is. ftill the fame that he was from the beginning ; . a great light."to rule the day. To us he appears as a dark uielefs Metem·: but when he comes by his courfe to free himfelf from the Lu· nflr interpojition unto .his profer Afpett towards l1$.:!