Owen - BT200 O97 1684

THESE are the Two Heads of the Mediation of Chrift and his Kmgdom ; and this is their order which they communicate unro the Church ; firft fufferings, and then glory : If we fujfer, we jhall alfo reign with him, 2 Tim. 2; I 2. They do but deceive themfelves who defign any other Method of thefe things. Some would reign here in)this world ; and we may fay with theApoftle, 'JPoufd JOU did reign, that we "?ight reig·n with JOU. But the members of the Myfbcal Body muft be conformed unto the Head. In him, filfferings went before Glory ; and fo they muft in them. The order in the Kingdom of Satan and the word, is contrary here1.111to. Firft theGo'odThings of this Life , and then Eternal Mifery, is the Method of that Kingdom, Luk; I 6, 2). THESE are the tWo fprings of the falvation of the Church ; the two Anointed ones that frand be.. fore the Lord of the whole Earth ; from which all the Golden Oyl whereby the Church is dedicated unto God and fanctified doth flow. This Glory of Chrift in his Exaltation which followed on his filfferings, is that which we now enquire into. And wefhall ftate our Apprehenfions of it in the Enfuing Obfervations. I. THIS is peculiarly that Glory which the Lord Chrift prays that his Difciples may be where he is, to behold·it. It is not folely fo, as it is confidered abfolutely: but it is that, wherein all the .other parrs of his Glory are mad~ manifeft. It is the evidence, the Pledg, the means of the manifeftation of them all. As unto all the inftances of his Glory before infifted on , there was a vail drawn