Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrifi. r I 7 then ftir us up unto the contemplation of this Glory. Who is it that is thus exalted over all? who is thus encompa[ed with Glory, Majefi:y, and Power? Vv7ho is it that fits down at the right hand of the Majefi:y on high, a11 his Enemies being made his Footfi:ool ? Is it not he, who in this world was poor, defpifed, perfecuted and flain, all for our fakes ? Is it not the fame 'jefus who loved us, and . gave himfelf for us, and wafbed us in his own blood ? So the •Apoftle told the Jews, that the fame Jefus 2vhom they jle'lv and hanger! on a Tree, God had exalted with his rix,ht hand to be a Princeand a Saviour to give Repentance urJto Ifi'ael, and the forgivenefs of jiffs, ACt. )· ~ o, 3 I. If we have any valuatioon of his Love, if we have· any concernment in what he bath done and fuffered fort be Church , we cannot but rejoi~e in his pn~fe11t State and Glory. LET the World rage whilefl: it pleafeth ; !et ir fet it felf with all its Power and Craft again it every thing of Chrift that is in it ;which wha tever is by fame otherwife pretended, proceeds fi·om an hatred unto his Perfon : Let Men make themfelves drunk with the blood of his Saints, we have this to oppofe unto all their attempts, nnto our fupportment, Namely, what he fays of himfelf ; Fear not, 1 ctm the jir(f anr.l the la(!, he that liveth and was dead , and behold I am alive for evermore , and have the keys ~f' f!ell and Death, Rev. 1. I 6, I 8. BLESSED Je[tJs ! We can add nothing to thee nothing; to)hy Glory; but it. is a Joy of heart unto us that thot~ art 'JJJhat thou art; that thou art - 1 3 fo