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1 t 6 ldeditationt and DifcourfeJ 1V.)ere Cbrifi: is, nor what he is, fo that one way or other they may be faved by him. They hope, as ~bey pretend, that they fha11 fee him and his glory 111 Heaven, and that they fhppofe to be time enough : But in vain do they pretend a defire thereof; in vain are their expectations of any fuch thing.They who endeavour not to behold the Glo. ry of Cbrift in this worJd,as bath been often faid, fhaii ne\-er behold him in Glory hereafter unto their Satisfaction; nor do they defire fo to do.On. ly they ft1ppofe it a part of that Relief which they would have when they are gone out of this world. For what fhould beget fuch a defire in them? Nothing can do it, !->ut fome 'View of it here by faith, which they defpife, or totally neglect. Every pretence of a dejire of Heaven, and of the prefence of Chrift therein , that doth not a rife from, that is not refolved into that profpd1: which we have of the Glory of Chrifi in this world by Faith, is mere Fancy and Imagnation. OUR conftant exercife in Meditation on this Glory of Chrift will fill us with Joy on hisAccount; ·which .is an effectual Motive unro the duty it fe If. We are for the m fi: part {elfi[h, and look no farther than our own concernrnents.1 So we may be pardoned and faved by him, we care not much how it is with himfelf, but only pre!ilme it .is well enough. We find not any concernment of our own therein. But this frame is directly oppofite unto the Genius of .l)ivine Faith and Love. For their Principal Actings confifi in preferring Chrift above our felves ; and ®ut conc:etns in him, aboveall our own. Let this ----- ---- - - the.n