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on the Glory vf C hrifl. C H A P. VIII. Repre[e11tatio1Zs of the Glory of Chri(l u.nder the Old TejiameJZt. I T is faid of our Lord Jefils Chrift, that begin- , ni11g pt J11~(es mul all the Prophets, he declared .u1~to his Difciples irt all the ScTiptures the thi~~?:S cc71cerning himfe!f, Lnk. 24.. 2 7· It is therefore manifeft that Mo(es and the ProphetJ",and all tbe Scrip· tures1 do give Tefiimony unto him, and his G!ory. This is the line of Life and Light, which rtms through tl]e whole Old Teftameut; without the conduCt whereof we can 1mderftand nothing aright therein : And the negleCt hereof, is that \.Vhich makes many as blind in read ing the books of it, as are the Je-uJs, the fame vail being 11pon their minds.' It is z.;·'aith alone, difcovcring ~he Glory of Chrift, that can remove rh at •ui?/ of parknefs which covers the minds of men in reading the Old Tt:flament, ;;;s the Apoftle dec~ares, 2 Cor. ~. 14, r 5, 1 6. I {hall therefore conflde~: br ietly {ome of rho(~ wavs and rr,eans wberebv the glo- ry of Chrifl: was reprefented U!ito Believ-ers lll~er the 01d Tefi:ament. r. IT W8.S fo in the Infiitmion of the Beautie ful fVcr-P1ip of the La1v, with all the· means of ir Herc:n luve they the Advanuge al):)'.re aH th( I 4· · fp:e~t