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i 20 ldedit.ztion.r and Dijl:owrfeJ fplendid Ceremonies that men can invent, in the pntward wodhip of God; ,they were ·defigned ~nti · framed in Divine Wifdom .to reprefent the Glory of Chrift in his Perfon ~nd his Office: This l}Nhipg of Hqma-ne Invention can do, or once p-retend unto. M:en cannot create lk!y.fteries ,' hor give unto any thing nam·ral in · it felf, a Myffical (tgnification. But fo it was in the Old Divine Inhirurions. What were the Tabernacle and Tem.:. pie ? vVh at was the Holy Place with the Utenfils of. it? ·what was the Oracle, the Ark, the Cherur bims, the Mercy-Sear.placed therein ? 'Whpt was rhe High Priefl: in all hjsVeftments and A9mini-.. nratior~? What wer~ 'the.Sacrifi&::s, atid at1!1Ual fprink1ing of ·Blood in ih~ JTIOit Holy. Place :? \Nhat was the. mofr whole s_yjlerne of their .Religi.; pus 'vVorfhip ? \iV ere they any thing but Repre-· fentations ofChrifc in the Glory of his Perfon and hi~ Offic;:e ? They were a Shatldow, (Cll1d -the Bo~ 9y reprefented by that iliadow, was Chrift. Ifany wouid ft~e how the Lord Chrifr was in particu- -~ar foref)gq.ifi~d and repr~fenred in them, he may perufe our Expojiticn on the ninth Chapt~r of the E... piffl~, unto the Hebre'Jvs, where it is handled fo at large, as that.I !hall not here again infiff p p'on it. Th~ Spm is, Mofes was faithful in all the houfe of God, fa;r q Teflimony of tpofo things which were to be fpo~e'IJ aft~rwards, Heb. 3~ 5'· AU that )Viofes-did in the ereCtion of the Tabernacle, and the inftituti· Oz:1 of ~ll ftS fervices, WaS but • to give an a'.nte cedent 7'e/limoTlJ ·py . way of Reprefentation , unto the Things ~f .~hri.Q that wer~ afterwards to . be reveal~;:L ~ .;\nd that alfo was the ·.fubftance of 'the . Min~itry of the Prophets~ I Pe~. 1 . .'ll, 1 ~: The k,l ~::;·, · ·.; , . . qark