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on t le Glory of Chrift. I~ t ~ark apprehenfionsof th~ Glory of Chrift which by rhefe n;eans they obtamed, >were the life of the Church of Old. · 2. IT was reprefented in the MJ'flical Account which 'is given U$ of his Communion with his Church in Love and Grace. As this is intimated in many places of Scripture; fo there is one en:. tire Book defigned unto its declaration. This is , the Divine Song of Solomon who was a Type of Chrift, and a l?enma11 of the Holy Ghoft therein. AGracious Record it is of the Divine Communi· cations of Chri1t in Love and Grace unto his Church, with their returns of love unto him, and delight in hitn# And then may a man judge himfelf to have fomewhat profited in the experience of the Myftery of a bleffed enterconrfe and communion with Chrift, when the expreffions of them in t~at holy Dialogue, do give Light and Life unto his mii1d,and efficacioufly communicate unto him an e~perien<;:e (')f their power. But becaufe thefe things are little llpderftood by many' the ·beak it felf is much negleCted if not defpife. Yea tofu eh ~mpudence have fome arrived, in foaming out their own fhame, as that they ·have ridiculed the expreffions of it'; but we are foretold offuch mock- ~rs in the laft days, that fhould walk after their own ungodly lu.fts ; they are not of our prefent confideration. · · , · ' ·: THE formerTnftance of theReprefentations of the Glory ofi Chrift in·their Inftitutions of out2vard l~rjhip with this Record of the imvard communion they had with Chrift in Grace, Faith, and Love, gives us the Subftance of that view which they had of his Glory~ · · ~hat holy firains of Delight , '· · · · and