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\: 1,25 mid 1uftice from henceforth -and for croer t the -zeal of t,be Lor.d of Hpfl; 7vill perform this. This one Teflimony is fi1fficient to .confound all 1ezvs, Socinians, and other Ene111ies of the Glory of Chrift. I .do ~cknowledg, that !1otwithftanding this declaration .of the Glory of Chrifl: in his future Incarnation and Rtile there remained much darknefs in the minds of them un• ro whom it was then made. For al,rho they might and did acqniefce in the truth of the Revelation, yet they could frame to themfelves no notions of the way or manner of its accomplifhment. But now when every word of it is explained, declared, and its MyJlical Sence vifibly laid ~pen unto us in the Gofpel, and by the ac.complifhll)ent exaCtly anfwering every expreffion in it, it is Judicial Blindnefs not to receive it. Nothing but the Satanical Pride of the hearts of men which will admit of no effects of Infinite Wifdom, bu ~ what they !ilppofe they can comprehend, can fhuc their eyes againft the Light of this Truth. · 6. PROMISES, Prophejies, P1·cedi8ions, concerning his Perfon, his coming, his Office, his King. dom and his Glory in them all, with the Wifdom, Grace and Love of God to the Church in him, are the Linf of Life, as was faid, which runs through all the writings of the Old Tefiament, and take up a great portion of them. . Thofe were the things which he expounded unto his Difcip1es out of :(viofes and all the Prophets. Concerning thefe thmgs he appealed to the Scriptures againft all his adverfaries; Search the Scriptures,for they are they that teftifieof me. And if we find them·not, if we dif~ern them not therein>it is becaufe a vail · nf