Owen - BT200 O97 1684

1~6 Meditatio1u and Difcourfis bf Blindefs is over our minds. Nor can we read, ftudy, or meditate on the writings of the Old Teftament unto any Advantage, unlds we defign to find out and behold the Glory of Chrift declared arid reptefented in · them. For want ~ereof they are a foaled book to many unto this day. 7· IT is ufual in the Old Teftament tb fet out the Glory of Chrift under Maapborictrt Exprej]ions; yea _it aboundeth therein. For fdch .Allufzons are . exceedingly fuited to le_t. in a fenfe into our mind~ ·- of thofe things which we tannot diftinttly comprehend. And there is an lnfi:-ti~ Condefcemion bf Divine Wifdom in their way . of Inftrutl:ion; Reprefenting unto us the Power of Things Spit;itual, in what we naturally difcern. lnftances of this kind in cailing the Lord Chrift by the Names· of chafe Creatures which unto dur fenfes reprefenf ~hat Excellency which is fpiritually in him, are in· ilumerable. So he is called the Rofe . for the fweet favour of his Love, Grace and Obedience; the Lilly_for his gracious Beamy and Amiablenefs -; the Pearl of Price for his worth, for to them that believe he is precious ; the Vine for his fruitfulnefs ; the Lion for his :Power , The Lamb· (or his Meeeknefs and Fitnefs for Sacrifice , with other things of the like kind' almoft innume· fable. THESE Things have I mentioned', not with any defign to fearch into the depth of this Treafilry of thofe Divine Truths concerning the Glory of Chrift; but only to give a little Light unto the words 1,_ '