Owen - BT200 O97 1684

1 :.o· cree to fave his Church, of a Tranjlation of punifo· ment; namely, from them who had deferved it; and cou1d not bear it, unto one who had not de· ferved it , but coulrl bear it. A . SUPPOSITION of this Tranjlation of pun· ifhment by Divine difpenfation, is the foundation of ChriH:ian Religion, yea of all fl!pernatural Revelation contained in the Scripn1re. This was firft intimated in the fir{! promife; and afterwards explained and confirmed in all the infiitutions of the Old Tefiament. For altho in the Sacrifices of the Law there was a revival of the grearefi: and moft fundamental principle of the Law of Nature, namely, That God is to be worfhipped ?.Vith our befl; yet the principalert.d and ufe of tltem, was to re• prefent this trmiflation of punijhment from the offender unto another, who was to be a Sacrifice in his ftead. T H E reafons of the equity hereof, and the nnfpeakab le glory of c hrift herein, is what we now enquire into. And l fhall reduce what ought to be fpoken hereunto, to the enfuing Heads. I. I T is not contrary unto the nature of Div'me Jufrice; it doth not interfere with the principles of · natural light in man, that in fundry cafes Jome perfons jhor~ld [ujj'er punijhment for the fins and offences of others. I SHALL at prefent give this Affertion no other confirmation, but only that God bath often done fo, who will, who can do no iniquity. S 0 he affirms that'he will do, Exod. 20. )· Vijitirtg the fins of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth gene~atian. It is no exception of