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on the Glory of Ch~ifl· I~ f of weight, tl~at they ~lfo ~re finner's, COIJtinhing in their fathers fins: fo"r the worft of finners mnft not be dealt rinjuftly .withal!; but they fuuit be fo if they are punifhed for tbeit fathers fins, and it be abfolutely unlawful that .any one fhould 'be punifbed for the fin elf another. S 0 the Church affitnis ; Our fathers ha'Ve fin;; ned, and are not ; and we h.1'Ve b~rn their iniquitiesi Lam. 5'· r r. Arid fo ,_t was : For in the Babyloni{Ji captivity God punifhed the fins of thdr forefathers, efpecially thofe committed in the· dayes of Manafles, 2 Kmg. 23. 26,27: . As afrerw~rds irj the final defttutl!on of that Church and Nation, God punifhed iQ them the guilt of ai~ . blooc!y perfecutions from the beginning of the "votld, Luke I I. )9,!1fi. .. _ _ . . S0 -Canattn was curled for the fin of his Father, Gen:9. 2). Saui's [even fons were put to: death for their Fathers bloody cruelty, i Sa m: f. 1. 8, I 4- For the fin . of Da:Pirl, feyeniy thou.- fand of the people were deftroyed by an AngeJS>; concerning whom he faid, It it I that ha'Ve finned and done e'Vil,thefoJheep what ha'Ve they done? 2 Sam. 1..4. r;, 17. Seealfo I .King. ir.19. Sowasitwith: ~11 the children or infants that perifhed in the . Flood, or in' the Conflagration of So{lom and Gc· morrah. And other inftances of the like narm;e· may be affigned. IT is therefore e\Tident, That there is no in· c_onfiftency with the natt~re of Divine .Juftice , nor the Rules of Reafon among men, that in fund'ry cafes the Sins of fome may be punifhed ori !Jthers. rp. lT