Owen - BT200 O97 1684

133 ·3· THERE is a greater, a more Tntimate Co1z~ junElion, a nearer Relation, an higher mutuallntereft between Chrift a·nd the church, than ever \Vas or can be betw~en any other Perfons or Relations in the world, whereon it became juft and equal in the fir'<t~ of God, that he ·fhould fi1tfer {or us, and ?wet what he did and fuffered fnonld be impurelt1unto us, which is farther to be clear- ,ed. · THERE neither is nor can be any more than a Threefold Conjunction between diverfe, di ft inCl: Perfons. The firfr is Natural, the fecond is Moral, whereunto I refer that which is Spiritual or Myftfial ; and the Third Ft:ederal , by vertue of mutual .compact. In all thefe ways is Chrift in Con_funfiion with his Church, and in ~very one of them, in a way Singular and Pecu~ liar. I. THE firft Conjunction of difl:in(t .Perfons is Natural. God hath made all mankind of cne blood, AB, 1 7· 26. Whereby there is a Cognation and Alliance between them all. Hence every man, isevery mans Brother or Neighbour, unto whom loving kindnefs is to be {hewed, Luk. I o. 36. And this Conjunction was between Chri.ft and the Church; as the Apoftle declares, Heb. 2. l4· Forafmuch as the children are partakers of jlejhand blood, he alfo bimfelf likewife took part of the fame, that through death h~ might de{froy him that had the power of death, that is the devil, and deliver t~em wh~ thro11gh fear of death u:er-e all their life tzme fubjefi to bondage. Hence both he that fanEli~ fieth, and they who are fanlrified are all of one1 v. I r. K 3 His