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13~ Meditatio·ns aiJd Difcourfe'r 2. lT 1s to be obferved that this Adminiftfa.: tion of J uftice .is not promifcuous , that any whatev~r, may be puni!hed for the fins of any others. There is always a fpecial Caufe and Reafon of it; and this is a peculiar conjunflion beJ\\.' t'en them who fin, and rhofe who are puni!hed for their fins. And two Things belong unto this conjunCtion. ~ 1.) Efpecial Relation. · ( 2.) Ef-' pec,al mutual 1ntereft. 1. ·THERE is an efpeci a:l Relation required un- , · to this Tranjlation of P:mijhment. Such as that berw .en Parents and Children, as in moft of the In..: fiances before given ; or between King and Sub.: jecls, as in the Cafe of David. Hereby the Perfans finning1 and thofe fuffering, are conftituted o11e Body, wherein if one member offend,anorher may juftly fuffer: The back may anfwer for what the hand takes away. 2. 11... confifts in mutual Interest. Thofe whofe fins are pimitbed in others, have ftlch an Int ereff in them, as that their being fo, is a punifh• mentunro themfelves. Therefote~re· fnch finn ., rs threatned with the· punifhment nd evils.that !hall befall their pofteriry or children or their fake's which is highly pa:nal unto themrlves, Numb. 14· 33. Yuur chilclren jhall wande . in the 'JVildernejs forry years, and bear y ou ,vhoredomes. The Pun1lhment due to their fins is in part transferred Unto their Children , and therein did the fting of their own PunHhment alfo confift. 3· TffiERE