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011 the Glory ~f C4rijl. Ij) 2. HE came into it on this defign, and for thiS only end, namely, that in our Nature takm to be his o2vn, he might do anLq fuffer wha.t was to be done and fhffered for the Church: So it is added in the Text; '£hat by deathhe mi[(ht de/hoy him;vho had the power of death; and deliver them who for fear of death 'JJJere fu~jeff to Bo,ndage. This was the' only end of his ConjunCl:ioQ in Nature with the Church : And this puts the cafe between him and ' it, at a vaft diftance from what is or may be be· tween other men. IT is a fooliih thing to argue, that b~canfe a mere participation ~f the fame Nature among men, is not fuffide'flt to warrant the Righteoufnefs of pnllifhing one ,for another ; that ther,efore the conjunction in the fame Nature betwixt Chrifi and the Church, is not a fi1ffickm and jufl foundation of his filffering for us, and in our Sread : F'or by an aff of his O'JJJn will and choice, he did p<1rtake of our Nature, and that for this very enc!, that therein he might filffer for us, - as the Holy Ghoft exprefly declares. Amongft others . there neither is nor can be any thing of this Natnre, and fo no objecl:ion from wh ,Jt is ~qual- -or !n - .equal amongft them,cimarife againfr what 'is e.qti ·1l between Chr.ift find the Cb urch. And h,erein is he gloriou_? and precious nmo them tha{beli~Y~, as we ihallfee immediately. . 2. T HERE is a Myftical Conjunffis?t-- be. tween Chrift and the Church, \. hich anfwers all the moft ·ftrict 1·eal or moral Unions or ConfunClions between other., perfons or things. Such is the Conjunction between the head of a body and its members, or the tree of the vine and its branches K 4 whicn