Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrifl. Il}i This is that Glory which ravifheth th€ hearts, and fatiateS the fouls of them that believe. For what can they defire more, what is farther needful nitto the Reft and Compofure of their fouls, than a't one view to behold God eternally well pleafed in the declaration of his Righteoufnefs, and the exercife of his Mercy, in order unto their Salvaon ? ln due appreheniions hereof, let my' foul live ; in the faith hereof let me dye , and let prefent ·Admiration of this Glory make way for the eternal enjoyment of it in its beauty and fulnefs. HE is Gloriow in that the L~w ofGod in Its Pre-· ceptive part, or as unto ·the Obedience which it requited, was perfeCtly fulfilled and accomplithed. That it fhould be fo, was abfolutely neceifary from the \iVifdom, Holinefs and Righteoufne~ of him, by whom it was given : For what could be more remote from thofe Divine ·PerfeCtions, than to give a Law, ;which never was to be fulfilled in them unto whom it was given, and who were to have the advantages of it?This could not be done by us ; But through the Obedience of Chrift by verrue of this his ! Myftical Conjun8ion with the Church, the Law wasifo fulfilled in us by being fulfilled for us , as that the Glory of God in the giving of it, and annexing eternal Rewards unto it, is exceedingly exalted , fee Rom. 8. · 3' 4· THIS is that Glory of Chrift whereof one Yiew by faith, will fcatter all the fears,' anfwer all the objelions, and give relief againft all the Defponden.