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140 Meditatio11J and DifcourfeJ the forgivenefs of fin on the other, feem fo contraditl:ory, as that many ftumble and fall at it eter.;. nallv, fee Rom. Io. 3, 4· BUT in this interpofition ofChrlft, in this Tranflation of punifhment from the Church unto him, ' by vettue of his Conjuntl:ion therewith, there is a bleffed harmony between the Righreoufnefs of God, and the forgivenefs of fins; the exempli. fication whereof, is his Eternal Glory. 0 Bleffed Change! 0 Sweet permutation; as Jufli11e Martyr fpeaks. ,, BY Vertue of his Union with the Church, which of his own accord he entred into, and his undertaking therein to anfwer foi it in the fight of God, it was a righteous thing with-Cod, to lay the punifhinent of all our fins upon him, fo as that he might freely and gracioufly pardon them all, to · the Honour and Exaltation of his Juftic;e, as well as of his Grace and Mercy, Rom. 3· 24, 2), 26. ' HEREIN is he Glorious in the fight o( God, Angels and Men. In him there is at the fame time, in the fame Divine AQ:ings~ atGloripus Refplendency of 1uflice and Mercy ; of the one in punHbing ; of, the other in pardoning. The appearing inconfiftency between the Righteoufnefs of God and the Salvation of finners, wherewith the confciences of convinced perfons are exerci.. fed and terrified, and which is the Rock at which moft of them fplit themfelves into Eternal Ruin, is herein removed and taken away. ln his Crofs _ were Divine Holinefs and Vitiditl:ive Juftice exercifed and manifefted; and through his Triumph Gra'e and Mercy are exerted to the utmoft. :rh is