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CH A P. X. The Glory of Chrift in the Conznzunication of hinzfelf unto Believers. ANOTHER inftance of the Glorv of Chrift which we are to behold here by. Faith, and hope that we fhall do fo by fight hereafter, confifi:s in the Myfferiou Communication of himfelf anrl all the Benefits of his .Adediation, unto the fouls of them that do belie'Ve, to their prefent happinefs and future eternal Blejfedne_(s. · HEREBY he becomes theirs as they are his; which is the Life, the Glory and Confolarion o~ the Church, Cant. 6. 3. Chap. 2 . I 6. Chap. 3. I o"~ l:je and all that he is being appropriated unto tl1em by verrue of their Myftical Unionf; There is, there muft be fome Ground, formal Reafon and Caufe of this Relation between Chrift and the Church, whereby he is theirs , and they are his; he is in them, and they in h!m ; fo as it is not between him and other men in the world. THE Apoftle fpeaking of this Communicatiotz of Chrift unto the Church, and the Union be... tween them, which dorh enfue thereon , affirms that it is a Great ,lV[yftery ; for I [peak, faith he, co11cerningChrifl and the Church, Epl1ef. 5· 32. . l