Owen - BT200 O97 1684

144 Meditati~nJ and DJfcorirjeJ . I SHALL very briefly enquire into the Caufes; Ways, and-Means of this 111yffe~ious . Communicati-:- on whereby he is made to be ours, to be in us, to dwell with us, and all the benefits of his MediaJ tion to be~ong unto us: For, as was faid, ,it is evh, dent that lie aorh riot thus communicate himfelt unto all By a: natural Necej]ity,as the Sun g~ves light equally unto the whole world; nor is h~ p~efe?J~ with all by an Ubiquity ·of his humaue Nature ; nor. as fome dream, by a Diff'ujion of his rational Soul ·into a~l; nor cloth he become ours by a carnal eatzni ~of hit11 in the S~crament; but this MyffetJ proceeds frdm, ~nd depends on·othet Reafons and Caufes, as we fiiall briefly d~clare. . , .. BUT yet before I . proceed to declare the way and manner whereby Chrift communicatetJ.l himfelf unto the Church, I mi1ft premife fome~ thing of Divine Communicatiom in Cieneral, and their Glory. And ~ thall do this by touching a little on ~the harmony and Correfpondency that is between the'Old Cre-ation·and tlre New/ :r•. ALL Being' Pofi;er' ' Gooclnefs'; and wlfdom ·were origimiliy' em~ntialfy, infinitely irl God : And in them with the other Perfetl:ions of his Namte, confifted his Effential Glory. . i. THE Old Creation was a Communication ot Being and Goodnefs by A:lm.lghry Power, direct~ ed by Infinite Wifdorn, unto all things that were created for the manifeftat!on or that Glory. This was tfie firft Commurtication 6f God untoany thing without himfldf, and it was exceeding glorious~ fee Pfal. 19.. 1. Rom. 1. ii. And it was a curious lvfnchine, framed in the fubordinat1on and depen.. · dency