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14.6 Meditations and D~{courfes Ptrwer and Good nefs from the Divine Nature , in)· the Per{on of the F3ther, as he is the Fountain of ihe Trinity whence ·he is fa id pecnliarly to be the Creator of all rh:ngs; yet the immediate Ope ·c,t!on in the creation was fn•m r~es,.,n , thePowt r and V\'ifdom of che Father, -:/--·.0:11. I, 2, 3 .Col. I· · 16. Heb. 1. ~. i\nd as npon the fir it Produtl:ion of - the .rv1afs of the Cre::ttion, it was under the efoec al care of the Spirit of God ro preferve and che- .rifh it, unto the produtl:!on of all diftinCl; forts of Creatures, Gen. 1. 2. So in the continuance of he \,\/hole there is an efpecial operation of the fame ·?'pirit in all t.hings. Nothing can fubfi!l: one mon~ent by venue of the Dependa~ce . which aU things have on one another~ without a continual Enianation of Power from him, fee Pfal. I o4. 29, iO· BY thefe Divi:1e Communications in the produtl:ion and prefervation of the Creature, doth God manifefi: his Glory, and by them alone in the way of Narure he doth fo; and without them, altho le wou :d have been for ever effenrililJly glorious, yet was it impofiible that his Glory fbou ld be f\novm bmo any but himfelf. VVherefore on thefe Divine Communications doth depend the whole manifeftation of the Glory of God. But rh is is far more eminent, tho not in the outward effetl:s of it fo vifible in the new Creation, as -we £hall tee. ,I. ALL Gcodnefl, Grace, Life, Light, Mercy ancl Power, which are the Springs and Caufes of the New Creation, are all originally in1 God, in the Divine Nature, and that infimtely and eflential~ ly