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I4~ dency of one thing on another, with~mt which~ they coniJ·not fubfift, nor have a contmuance of their Beings. All Creatures below live on tl1e Earth, and the produCts of it; the Earth for its whole prorluflion depends on the Sun and other . Heavenly Bodies, as God declares, Ho( 2. 2 x, 2 2. I 'JVill hear, faith the Lorrl, I will hear the heave1H arul t hq jh:d~ burr tbe earth, and the earth pJ,dl hear tbe corn~ rmrl tbe 1vine, and the oil, and tbq jh4ll he.-rr JeZ-;-eel. God bath given a fubordtnation of things in a Concatenation of Can4 fes whereon their Subfifl:ence C.oth depend . Ye r 4· IN this Mutual Dependency on, and fl.lpplies unto one1nother, they all depend on, and are influenced from God himfelf, the Eternal Fountain of Being, Power, and Goodne ls. He hears the Hea·vens; and in the continuation of this order by conftant Divine Commnnicatio_n of Being, Goodnefs and Power, nnto all Th:ngs, God is no lefs glorified than in the firfl: Creation of them .. .Ad.r4. I),r6, 17. Chap.I 7. 24. • ?..), '26 \ '2-7' ?..8, 29· S· THIS Glory of God is 'Vijible in the m~tter of it , and is obviated unto the Reafon of :Mankind ; For from his w:~rks of Cre!'ltion an1 Providence they may learn his Eternal Power and Godhead, wherein he is effentially glorious. 6. BUT bv this Divine Communication God. did not intend only to glorifie himfelf in the Ef.. fential Properties of hisNature, but his E:-~iFfence alfo in 7hree Per{on.r of Father, S6n, and Spirit. for altho the whole Cre1tion in its firfi: framing, 'and in its Perfection, WJsand is by an Eman~tiotr of · L Power,. \ ·-