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i_5g Meditation.r and Difcourfe.i CHAP. XI. The ,Glmj of C hri/l. .i11 the Recapitulation of all things in hi11z. 1' N ~he lafl: place the Lord Chrift is peculiarly I and eminently G!orious in the Recapitulation· of all things in him, after they ha~ b'ee'n fcattered and difordered by fin. This the Apoftle propofeth · as t~1e nioft fign'al Effect of Divine Wifdom, and the fdveraig:l' pleafure of God. HE bath._ abounded tow ards us in all Wiflom and Prudence ; havinr, ma'de fonown unto us the _m)'ffery of his will ar_:cordmg unto his good pfeafure; which he , bath purpo[ed i~ himfelf. . That· in the difpen[ation ~f the fulne{s ofttm.ehe mtght gather together tn one all things in Chriff, both which are in the Heavens, ' imd which are on earth, even in him, Ephef. I. 8, 9, I~ . . . FOR the'difcovery of ihe mind of the Holy .Ghofi; ~lgahefe Words, fofar as l am at prefent concerncl:l, namely, as unto the Reprefentation ~f the Glory of Chryf in them; Sundry ,brief Obfer~ vations muff be premifed ; .and in them i~ ;will be neceffary that we briefly declare the original of all thefe things iri Heaven and Earth, their primitive order, the confufion that enfued thereon, wirh their Refritution in·Chrift, and his Glory thereby. GOIJ