Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrift. · 157 them, being by the fhedding of it abroad in their Hearts by the Holy Gboft, and their renuns of Love unto them being wrought in them by an Almigh- . ty Efficiency of thefame Spirit, there is that which is deeply Myfterious and Glorious in it. I might ·mention alfo the conti'nuation of his D~(charge of all h;s offices towardfhs, whereon all our receptions fr_om him, or a1l the benefits of his Mediation, whereof we are made partakers, do 'depend. But the few Inftances that have been given of the ·Glory of Chrift in this Mjfterious Communication of himfelf unto his Church, may fuffice to give us fuch a view of it;-as · to fill our Hearts with holyrfdmirati?n and Thanksgiving,. ... l.