Owen - BT200 O97 1684

Preface to the Reader. tvil. And otherwife thi4 will not he. After a long Jzncere Endeavour for the Mortification of all fin, I ' find it will never be abfolutely perfeEf, but by thi.r ReduCfion into the duft. Thou jhalt no more be a rejidence for the leaft remainder of fin unt.o Eternity, mr any clog ·unto my Soul in its affings on God. Reft therefore i'n hope; For God in his appointed fea{o?t, when he fhall have a defire unto the work of his hands will call unto thee, and thou fhalt anfwer ' him out ofthe duft. Then {hall he by an aEf of his Almighty Power, not only reftore thee unto t~y priftine Glory, as at the firft Creatio,1! when thou waft the pure Workman(hip of hif hands; but enrich and ~dorn thee ?-vith inconceivable Priviledges. and Ad- "Uantages. Be not then afraid; away with all RelHffancy, go into the Duft, reft in Hope, for thou fualt ' ${and in- thy lot at the end of the daies. THAT wfoich will enable r,u hereunto, in an emi- · nent manner, u that Vie?v and Confideratton of the Glory of Chrift, ?-vhich -/5 ' the fubfeil of the enfuing Mtditatiqns. For he who u now poffef]ed of all that Glory, undenver. t thu Dij]olution of Nature as tru- - ~y, and really as ever we Jhall de. · · THIRDLY; There is required hereunto, a Rea· Jine{s to comply with the Times and Seafons 'JMhe:r_ein Gotl ?vould ha'Ve us depart and leave this T¥dld. Many think 1hq Jhalt be . willing to die when their time is come; but they have many reafons, liS th~y Juppofe, tv dejire that it may not yet be, which fir the moft part arife meerly from .' Fear, and mz · Averfation of Death. Some dejire to live {hflt they may fee more of that .glorious ~ork of ' God