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Preface to· the Reader. God for his Church, which .they believe he will ac~ · complifh~ So Mofes prayed that he might not Jie in the l1'ildernefi, brJt go over Jordan and fee the good l~nd, and that goodly Mountain, and Lebanon, the Seat of the Church, and of the Wor- 'jhip of God; which 7et God thought meet to deny unt() him. . And this Denial of the requeft of Mofes, made on the higheft conjideration poj]ible, is inftruElive unto all in the like cafe. Others may judg themfelves to have.fome work to do in the World, "Jllberein they fuppofe that the Glory ~f God , and Good of the Church iJ concerned, and therifore zvould . be [pared for a fea_(on. Paul knew not clearly whe• -ther it ')}}ere not beft for him to abide a while longer in the flejh on this account. And David often, de- . ·precates the prefent feafon of Death, becaufe of the work 7vhich-he had to do for God in the World.Others rife no higher tha·n their own private b;ter~/fs or concerns -;vith reJPeB unto their Perfons, their Fami.. lies, their Relatio11S, and GoodJ in this World. They would fe.e tbefe things in a better or more {ettled con.. -ditivn, before they die, and then they foal! be moft 'JJJilling fo to do. But it is the love of Life that liq at the bottom of all thefe dejires in men, which of it [elf will never forfake them. But no man can die chearfully or comfortably, who lives not in a conftant Refignation of the time and feafon of hi~ death unto the 7vill tf God, as welt as himfelf with rejpert unto Deatb it [elf. Our times are in his hand, at his Soveraign difpofal, and his Will in all things muft be complied withal. Without this Refolution , withot/.t this Rejignation, no man can enjoy the leafo folid peace in this lf'Orld. FOURTH~