Owen - BT200 O97 1684

FOURTHLY; As the times and feafons; fo ti.Je ways and means oft~ approaches of Death ba-pe efpecial Tryals•, which un/efs we are prep_areJ for them, 7vill keep us under Bondage wit,h the fear of Death it felf. Long wafting wearing Confurnptions. burning. Fevers, ftrong pains of the Stone, or the like, from within, or Sword, Fire, Tortures, witb Shame and Reproach from without, may be in the ~ay ofthe Acce{sof Death unto us. 8vmewho have bem wholly freed from all fears of Death, m a DifJolution of Nature, who harue looked on it m amiable, and deftrable in it {elf, ha'Pe yet hadgreat exercife in their minds about theft ways of its approach~ They have earnefllr dejired, that this peculiar bitternefs of the Cup might be taken away ; to get above all perplexities on the account of thefe things, is part of our Wifdom in Dying dailr. And we a:re to have alwaies in a readinefs thofe Graces and Duties which are neceflary thereunto. Such are a conftant Re· fignation of our Jelves, in all events, unt(} the So- -peraign will, pleafure and difpofol of God. May he not do what he will with his 1own ? 1.s it not right and "!eet it jhould be (o ? Is not his Wul in all tbings Infinitely Ho~r, Wife, Juff, and Good? Doth he not know what is beff for u:r, and what conducetb moJf U1Jto his own Glory ? Doth not he alone do fo? So is it to !roe in th~ Exercife of Faith, that if God calls u:r unto any of t·hofo things , , which are peculiarly dreadful unto our Nnture{, he wil! gi--pe ~:r fuch foppltes of Spiritual ..ftrength and i:' atience , m foal! enable tu to undergo them~ if not with eafe and joy, yet with Peace,