Owen - BT200 O97 1684

f John XVII. 24. Father, I will that they alfo whoJJl thou haft given 111e, br: witb 171e where I ant : that they nzay behold nzy Glory which thou haft eJ?jeJz nze, ,.~~f~M,_~H E High Priefi: under the Law tl when he was to enter into tbe · Holy Place on the Solemn dav of AtOnement, was to -take both his handsf'ull of (?JJC:e t J" I11cen[e from the Golden Yeb!e of Incen(e, to carry along with. him in his entrance. He had alfo a· Cen{er fiiled with Fm:lf) that was taken fi·om the Altar of Burm· off'erir:gs, where Atonement was made for-Sin wirh Blood. Upon his afrual entrar.ce through the vail, he put the Incenfe 01) the Fire in the Cmfer., Until tht Cluu! of its fmoak covered the Ark, and the lvlercy Seat. See -Levit. I 6. I 'l_,__! ~· And the end hereof '\\'as to prefent unt.o God, in ·the behalf of the People, a f weet f~lling Savour fi·om the . Sacrifi~e of :Pr.o~ pitiation. See the Declaration of tlw(e things in .PRr ExpoJir~on of !lib. 9th. · . . 2 l'N