Owen - BT200 O97 1684

~ J.Jeditations and DifcourfeJ 1N Anfwer unto this Jldyfl-ical Type, the great T-Iigh-prieft of the Church, our Lord Jeftls Chrift, being to enter into the Holy Place 11ot made with h,1nrl-', did by the glorious Prayer Recorded in this Chapter, inflnenced from the Blood of his Sa"' cr ilice, fill the Heavens above, the glorious Place o( God's Refidence, with a cloud of Incenfe, or the (weet perfume of his Bleffed Inrerceffion; typed -by the incenje offereqlby the High-prieft of old. By the fame Eternal Fire wherewith he offered himfelf a bloody Sacrifice ;o make Atonement for Sin, he kindled in his moft Holy Soul thofe defires for the .Application of aH its Benefits unto his Church, which are here expreffed, and wherein his lnterceffion doth confift. ' I T is onely one paffage in the Verfe above named, that at prefent I defign an enquiry into. And this is the (ubje[f- matter of what the Lord Chrift: here defires in the behalf of thofe givert hiin by the Father; namely, That they may beholfl his glory. IT is evident, That in this Prayer the Lord Chrift hat:h refpec1 unto his own Glory, and the manifeftatimz of it, which be had .in the entrance asked of the Father, ver. 4., 5. But-in . this place he hath not fo much refpe<'1 unto it as his own, as unto the Advantage, Benefit,Satisfaetion and Bleffednefs of his Difciples, in the beh oldin~ of it. Forthefe things were the end of all . ~hat Mediatory Glory which was given unto him. ' So Jofeph charged his Brethrn;, when he had revealed himfelf umo them, that they fhould tell his Father of all his Glory in Eg;pt, Gen.45'· I 3· This he did, not for an Oftemrition of_his own Glory, but for the Satisfaction