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()n the Glo-ry of Chrift. 9 ·he fhouid be defired, hzs vi{age was fo marred mo~~ than any man, and his form more than the fom of men, }fa. 52. 14. Chap. 53· 2, 3· AJ] ~hings app~ared i~ him as became a man of (orrowJ. No~ 3: Was it abfdlutely the f!t~rnal Ejji:ntial Gl~­ ry of his Divine nature,that IS mtendecL fpr tht$ no man can fee in this World. · What \Ve thal} attain i!(a view theJ;eof hereafter, we know not. But 4. ' It was h_is Glory, as he was full of Grace and Truth. They fa\¥ th.e Glory of his Perfon and his Office in the Adminiftration of Grace and Truth. And how, or by what means did they fee this Glory of Chrift? lt was by Faith, and ' no qtherwife. For this Priviledge was granted unto them on~ly who recei--ped him, and believed M~ his name, ver. I 2,. T ,his was that Glory which the Baptift faw, wheri upon his coming unto him he fa id unto all that were pre(ent, Behold the Lamb of God which taketh a'JPf!J tqe Sjn of the World. 'Joh. I. 29, 3o, 3i, 32, 33· WHEREFORE Jet no man deceive himfelf: He that hath no Sight of the Glory of Chrift here, fhall never have any of it hereafter unto his Advantage. lt is not therefore unto Edification,rto difcourfe of Beholding the Glory ·of Chrift in Heaven by vifieri ' until we go through.. a tryal, l!Yheth_er we fee ';tl1Y thing of it in this World py Faith or rio. · · · · · · 2ly. THE behfJ{ding of .Chrif! in Glo..ry, is that which in it felf is too High, llluftrious, and lVlarvellous for us in our prefent condition. It liath a fpiendor and glory too great for our pre~ fent Spiritual viftve facultr ; as the direct, immt:- ,diate fight of th~ St},l1 darkei1S 'our fight, and doth ,., ·· ' · · · not