Owen - BT200 O97 1684

, , 8 . MeditatioflJ anrj Dijco11rfeJ Sen(es, to delight in Images of Chrift, in~his Suffet.: ings, his Refiurection, and Glory above. Here· · on they fatisfie themfelves, that they behold the Ghry of Chri(f him(elf, and that with Love and great Delight. But Whereas there is not the leaft true ReiJrefentation n1ade of the Lord Chrift, oi~ J1:s Glory,in rbefe thi11gs, that beirig confined ab'- :(()!.ntely nnto the Gofpel alone, and this way of attempting it being laid under a fevere· interdict, th~~ do but fpon themfelves Wit~ their ow1~ dece1vmgs. · · ThE Apoftle te11s us conc~~ning himfelf, and other Believers, wheo the Lord Chrift was pre~ fent, .and converfed with them in the Days of his Flefh, that they {an/his· Glo-ry, the Glor;· ar of the 'cm!y be_f,otten of the Father, full of Grace 'and Truth. J uh. r. 14. And we may enquire, what was this Glory of Chrift, which they fo faw, and by what means rbey obtained a protpeGt of it? FOr ( 1.) It was not the Glory of his outward conclition, as ~e behold the Glory and Grandeur of the Kings ar1J l' otenrates of tl1e Earth-; For he made him~ felf of no Reputation; · but b~ing · in the Form of a Servant, he walked in the condition ·or a man of low C egree. .The Sect1lar Grandeur of his prettnded Vicdr, makes no Reprefentat im1 of that Glory of his, whiah his Difciples faw. He · kept no ( ourt, nor· Houfe of entenainmenr, nor (though he made all things) had of his own where to lay bis Head. ·· Nor i. Was · it · with ref~ect ~6 the outward Fdrm of the Flfjh which :he was made, wherein he took onr Natureon him; as we fe~ the Glory· of a comely 'ot beautiful Per{on '; Fo~ he had therein ~A~ither firm nor cometinefi·; that i -v .·\· . ' ' " '' ., ' . . ., , • he .~