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on the G!o-ry of Chrifl. 13 with ·Glory,as 'it were, whether they will or rto. lt is to be. received in that Exercife of the Faculties of their Souls which fuch perfons have no Ability ·for. Mufick bath no p1eafure in it, unto them that cannot hear ; nor the moft beautiful Colours unto them that cannot fee. It would be no benefit unto a Fijh to take him from the bottom of the Ocean, filled wirh Cold and Darknefs, and to place him under the beams of the Sun. For he is no way meet to receive any refrelhment thereby. Heaven it felf would not be more advantagious unto perfons not renewed by the Spirit of Grace in this Life. ' HENCE the Apoftle gives thanks unto the Father, who hath mad_e us 'meet to be partltkers ofthe Inheritance of the Saint$ ·in Light, Col. I. I 2. Indee<:l the- beginning here, and the fu11ners of Glory hereafter, are comrimnicated um9 Believers by an Almighty Act of the Wi1l and. Grace of Goo. Bth yet he ha rh ordained ways and means whereby they may be made meitreeeptiverSubjeB-~ of the Glory fo -to be communicated>nmo them. That this way and means is ; by the ·~eholding of the rJlcty of Chrift by Faith, fhal_l be-fully declared in our prqgrefs. This therefqre !hould excite tis unro this Duty ; For all our prefem Gloty;confifts in ' our Preparation for future Glory.' --:,: 2. N 0 man ca:n by Faith take a real view of this Glor:zr, but vertue u·i!l proceed from it in a transformmg Power, to change him into the fome Jmage. 2 Cor. 3· i 8. How this is done, afid how we become like unto Chrift, by beholding his Glory}thall be ft;lly declared in our Progrefs. 3· THE cbnftam Conternplation of the Glory · of