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I 4 Meditations a11d J)ijt:ourfe.r of Chri{t, will give Reft, Satisfaction, and Complacency_unto the Souls. of them who are exercifed therein. Our minds are apt to be filled with a multitude of perplexe9 Thoughts; fears, Cares, Dangers, Diftreffes, Paffions, and b~1fts, do , make various, Impreffions Qn the minds ofMen; filling them with Diforder,'Darknefs, and Confufion. But where the Soul is · fi~ed in its Thoughts - and Contemplations on this GloriOiUS Obje~ it will be b~g_ught _into, and kept in an Holy, Serel)e, Spiritual Frame. For to be Spiritually minded is . life a_nd ~ peace. Aqd this it cloth, by taking off our Hearts, froin all undue regard unto all things bel9w, in comparifon of ·the great Worth, Beauty, and Glory of what we, are t:onverfant witqq.l. See PhiL 3· 7, 8, 9, .1 o, ·.r I, A defeCt herein makes many of us Strangers m) to an. Hctav~nly Life; ·and to live be{ie.ath the Spiriru~J - ~efre-fhn1en.ts ansl .Satisfaction& tpf!t the ~ofpel dot.h tender unto U-$. ·4· Tf1.~ Sight of the Glory of Chrift, is th·e Spri-ng 511d Caufe of quy Everlafting Bleffegpefs, We (hall be ever with the Lord, 1 The[. 4· 1 7. Or, be with Chtift, 'Jt-•hich is bejf of t;ll. p hjl. I. 2 3·. For there £hatl we behr1-d hiJ Glory, Job.. I 7· 24. and by [eein~ .birp .. t!f _fo~ is, w~ }halt be made like him, ~ .!oh. 3. 2 . . which is our ~verlafting Bleffednefs. THE 'enj9yment of God by Sight, is_commoH-: ly called; the Reatifical Vifion ; and it is the foie fount.ain _ <;>f all the actings of our Souls in t.he State ,o~ ~!effe<;lnefs , which the old Philofophers knew, ~,1~thing of; , neither do we know diftinctly what tl).~Y are, or what is this Sight of Gop. How· beit, tJ1is we know, that 0od in his Imrnenfe E!fe.nc.e is i1zvijible unto our Coroorea_l Eyes, anp wdl b,e . ~ . ~