Owen - BT200 O97 1684

~0 cefs in this defign, 2 Cor. 4· 3, 4· If our Gofpel be hid, it is hid un1o the.m that are loft, in whom the God of . this 7.Vorld hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, left the light ·O(the glorious Go(pel of Chrif!, 1vho is the image of God, fhould .fhine unto them. By various ways and methods of deceit, ta fecure the reputation he bad got, of being Gotl of thisworlrl, by pretences and appearances of fuper. natural Power and Wifdom, he laboured to blind the eyes of men with prejudices againft that glorious Light of the Go[pel,which propofed the Lord Chrift as the only Image of God. This blindnefs, this darknefs is cured in them that believe, by the mighty power of God; For Gorl wbo commanded the light to Jhine out of darkne(s, hath irradiated our hearts with the knon;ledg of the Glory of G.od irr the face of}e(us Chrift, V. 6. wherein true, raving Faith cloth confift. Under this Darknefs perifued the Unbelieving world of Je'J.vs and Gentiles ; and fuch is the prefent condition of all by whom the Divine Perfon of Chrift is· denied ; for no mere creature can ever make a perfetl: reprefentation of God umo us . But we muft a little further enquire into this Myftery. . SINCE men fell from God by fin, it is no fi11all part of their Mifery and Punifhment, that they are covered with thick 'darkrte[s and ignorance of the Nature of God. They know him not, they have not feen him at any time. Hence is that promife to the ~hurch in Chrift, Ifa. 6o. 1, 2. For bebold, the darknefs fhall cover the earth, and grofs darknefs the people : but the Lord ]hall arife upon thee, and his glorJ jha~l be feen upon thee. THE