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t9 not. I t1 their worfhip of him, they worfili p but an Image of their own devifing. YEA, in the Ignorance arid Neglect hereof con~ fi fts the formal . Nature of Unbelief, even that which is inevitably ruinous unto the foHls of men. He that difcerns t1ot the Repre{entation of the Glory of God 1!1 the Perfon of Chrifr unto the SOuls of men, is an Unbeliever. Such was the ftateofthe tn1believing Jews and Gentiles of old ; They did not, they would not, they could not behold the Glory of God in him, nor how he did reprefent him. That this was both the Caufe, and the Formal Nature of their unbelief , the Apoftle de·- dares at large, 1 Cor. 1. 21, 22, 23, 24, 2~ .. Not to fee the \Vifdom of God, and the Power of God, and confequently all the other ho... ly Propenies of his Nature in Chrift, is to be art Unbeliever. THE Effence of Faith confifrs in a d ne Afctip:.. tion of Glory to God, Rom. 4· 20. This we cannot attain. unto without the Man'ifeftation of thofe Divine ExcetlencieJ unto us, wherein he is Gloribus. This is done in Chrift alone, fo' as that we may glorifie God in a faving and acceptable manner. He who difcerns not the Glory of Divine Wifdom, Power , Goodnefs , Love and Grace~ in the Perfon and Office of Chrift, With the way of the Salvation of Sinners by him, is art Unbe:. liever. HENCE the great defign of the Devil in· the beginning of rhe preaching of the Gofpel, was w klinrl the eyes of men, and fill their minds with preJUdices, that they might not behold this Glory, of his ; So the Apoftle gives an account of his fu~· B lt -· ~ef$