Owen - BT200 O97 1684

~4· Meditatio;u and Difcourfes the day bath dawned on us, poor Gentiles, and that the day-[pring from on high hath rvifited t/5. See . the glory of this Grace expreffed, Ephef 3· )• 6, 7., 8, 9, Io. God might have left us to reri!h in the blindnefs and ignorance of our Forefathers ; but of his own accord, and by his own powerful Grace alone, he bath tranflated m out ~f dark1te{s into his marvellw:r light. B~1t ;;tl~s! the horrible ingratitude of men , for the glorious light of the Gofpel, and the abufe of it, will iftue in a fore revenge. GOD was lnown under the Old Teftament~ by the Revelation of his 71/or£1, and the lnfiituti;;, 011 of his Worfhip. This was the glory a11q priviledg of Jfrael, as the Pfrdmift declares, Pfal. ~ 4 1· I 9, 20. He jheweth his word unto Jacob, hts ftatutes and bu fudgments unto Ifi·ael; He hath not dealt fo 7viih any nation. The ~hur~h then /.:.new him ; yet fo as that they had an appre- }Jenfion that he dwe!t in thick Jarknefs, where they could not have any clear views of him, Exod. 20. 2 r. Deut. )· 2 2. I Kings 8. I 2. 2 Chron. 6. I. And the Reafon why God fo reprefented himfelf in darknejs unto them, was to inftruct them in their imperfect frate, wherein they could not comprehend that glory which fhould after~ wards b~ reveakd. For as he is now made known in Chrift, ·we fee that he i,; light, and in him there is '/10 dat·knefs at all. . 4· HITHER TO darknefs in. general covered the Earth ~ ' !-llld grofs darknds the p~ople, as ~nto the kncivyledg of God; only there was a ~ilight in the Church. The day did not yet dq.wn, the .f!Jadows ·Ji4 not flee a')JJCtJ' nor the ~; · · ·· day>:. . •.;