Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrifi. ~ ~ 5 day-{tar fhine in the hearts of men, But when the Sun of Righteoufnefs did arife in his ftrength and beauty, when the Son of God appeared in rhe flefh , and in the difcharge of his Office; God himfelf, as unto his Being, and manner of Exiftence in three cliftinEf per{om , with all the glorious properties of the Divine Natur~, were illuftrioufly manifefted unto them that did believe, and the light of the knowledg of themdifpelled all the Jhadow; that were in the Church, and lhone into the darkne(s which was in the world, fo ·as that .none continued ignorant of God, but thofe who would not fee ; Set; 1ob 1. ; , 14, I 7,1 8. 2 Cor. 4· 3, 4· ' HEREIN is the LordChrift glorious. And this is that which I lhall now fpeak unto; namely, How we may behold the ulory of Chrift in the Reprefentation and Revelation that is made of God . ;.md his glory, in his Perfon and Office, unto all , that do believe. For it is not fo much the declaration of the nature of the things themfelves, wherein the•glory ofChrift doth confift,as our way and duty,in tpe beholding of them, which at prefent is defigned. , HE calls unto us, faying, Behold me, lock unto rne, emd be {aved~ Ifa. 45· 2. What is it that we fee in Chrift? vVhat do we behold in him? He as·keth that Qpeftion concerning his Church, ltVhat wilt ye fee irt the Shulamite ? Whereto he anfwers , as it were the company of two armies, Cant. 6. I 3· or the Two Churches of the Old and New Teftament, in order ctnd beauty. We m~y enquire, What lh;all we, what do we fee in him? Do we fee him as the Jmage of the invijible · · · ·. · · God,