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', (Jn the Glory of Chrifl. . "-7 jhew me thy Glo:J· And if . ~e hav.e right appre· benfiohs of the Future State of Bleffednefs, we cannot but have the fame defire of feeing · more of his Glory .in this life. But the Qgeftion is, Ho'¥ we may attain it? ~ If we are left_unto our felves in this Enquiry, if we have no other way for it, but the immediate fixin$ of ' our thoughts on the Immenfity of the Divine·Natu're, we muft come every one to the Conclufioh that Ag'ur makes on . i:he like confideration ; · Sur.elj I am more brutijh than an_y 'man, and have not ihe UnderjFanding of a man ~ I mither learnedWifdom, nor have the' Kno~ ledg of ~the ' Holy. Who bath afcended up into Heaven, or defcended? Who bathgathered the wi~d in his jift? Wh.o bath bound the waters in agarment ? Who path eftablifhed all the e'nds of the _earth ? What i~ his name, and what is his fons name~ if thof canjf tell, Prov3o.2., 3,4. IT js in Chrift alone, that we may have a clear diftinct view of the Glory of God'and his Excellencies : For him, and him alone hath he appointed 1the reprefentative of himfelf tinto · us : 'And we fhall take an Account hereof in one or two efpeciall nftances. See job. 1. 18. Chap. 14.7, 8. 9, re. 2 Cor. 4.' 6. ~ol. 1. 16. Ephef. 3· 4· 5, 6, ;, 8, 9, Io. Heb. 1. 2. I. 1NFINITE Wifdom is one of the moft gloririous Properties of the Divine Nature : It is that which is directive of a11 the external V\7 orks ofGod, wherein the Glory of alhheother Excellencies of God is manifefted ; ·wherefore the manifeftation of the whole Glory of God proceeds originally from Infinite Wifdom. ' But as Job fpeaks, Where: Jhall this . TtVif