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~8 Meditations and Dijl:ourfes Wifdom befound, and what is the place of underflanding? ch~zp. 28. I 2. Can we by fearching, find 014;t God ? Can we find out the Almighty to perfeBion ? Chap. I I. 7. As it is in it fe]f an Effential, Eternal Property of the Divine Nature, we can have no comprehenfion of it: We can but adore it in that infinite diftance wherein we ftand from God; but in its Operations and Effects it may be difcert;led ; for they are defigned of God for its ·manifeftation. Among thefe the moft excellent is the contrivance of the great work of the Salvation of the Church; fo it is celebrated by the Apoftle, Eph. 5· 9, I o, I I. To make all men fee what is the fellow[hipof the myf!e~y,whichfrom the beginning of the world, hath been hidin God, who created all things by Jefus Chrijf, to the intent, that n~;w unto the principalities and po"Jl;ers in Hearr;enly places might be known by the Church, the manifold Wifd(}m of God. IF we have any lntereft in God,if we h~ve any hopes of Bleffednefs in beholding of his Glory unto Eternity, we cannot but defire a view ( fuch as is attainable ) 'of this Infinite manifold Wifdom of God in this life. But it is in Chrift alone that we can .difcern any thing of it ; for him hath the Fa. ther chofen and fealed to reprelent it unto us. All the Treafures of this Wifdom are hid, laid up, and laid out in hif(J : Herein lies the effence and form of Faith. Believers by it do fee the Wifdom of God in Chrift, in his Perfon and Office : Chrift the Wifdom of God; Unbelievers fee · it not, as the Apoftle argues, r Cor. 1. 22, 23, 24. ; . IN