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42 Meditation! a11d DifcourfeJ hold of them in Chrift Jefus. How blind herein , was the beft Phi!o_rorher in cornparifoil of the meaneft of the .Apo(!les, yea, of him who is leaft in the Kingdom of Heaven ? l.. BUT herein it is required,that we reft not in the Not ion of this Truth, and a bare ·affent unto the Doctrine of it. The affecting Power of it upon our Hearts, is that which we fbouid aim at. \A! herein doth the bleffednefs of the Saints above confl ft ? Is it not herein, that they beh9ld and fee the GlorY, of God in Chrift? And what is the Ef.. feet of 1t upon thofe bTeffed Sous ? Doth it not change them into the fame Image, or make them like tinto Chr ? Dorh it not t1ll and fatiate them with Joy, Reft, Delight, Complacency and in'- etfable fatisfaltion ? Do we expect, do we defire the fame ftate of Bleffednefs ? It is our pre{ent view of the Glory qf Chrift which is our Initiation thereinto , if we are exercifed in it , until we have an Experience of its Transforming Power in our Soills. , THESE things are, it may be, of little ufe unto fome. Such as are Babes in Spirirual Knowledg and Underftanding, either becaufe they are Carnal, I Cor. 3· I, 2. or Jlothfnl in hearing, Heb. 5· I 2, I 3, I4. are not capable of thefe Divine Myfteries. And therefore the Apoftle did in an efpecial manner declare this Wifdom of God in a Myftery unto them that were perfeCl, 1 Cor. 2.. 6, 7· That is, who were more grown in fpiritual knowledg, and had their fenfes exercifed to difcern good and ervil. It is unto · them who are ex- . ercifed in the contemplation of invifible things, who delight to walk in the more retired Paths of