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on tht Glory (}f Chrifl. 41 ,them, until their: eyes become full qf an .Adulterefs, and they cannot ceafe from /inning, as the Apoftle fpeaks. The Obj~[ts of their lufts have framed ·and raifed an Image of themfelves in their minds, an'd transformed them into their own likenefs. Is this the way of them who go down to the chambers of death ?. Do they thus frame their Souls, and make thein meet for deftruction , until their Words, Geftures, Actions, proclaim the frame of their minds unto all that look l.lpon them? And ihall we be flothful and negligent in the contemplation of that Glory which transforms our minds into its own likenefs, fo as that the eyes of - our underftandings ihall be continually fiUed with it, until we fee him and behold him continually, fo as never to ceafe from the holy Acts of delight in him, and love unto him ? · 4· WOULD we then behold the Glory of God as he manifefteth it in and by the holy Properties of his Nature, with their bleffedOperations and Effects, without which we have nothing of the Power of Religion in us, whatever we pretend ; this a] one is the way of it. Go to the whole Creation and all things contained in it ; they can fay no more, but we have heard thefame and report of thefe thing-s,and what we have heard we declare; but it is but a little portion of them that wear~ acquain- . ted withal. The Heavens indeed declare the glory of God,and the firmament fheweth his hanJy work.Tbelnvijible things of God are underftood by the things that are made? even,his Eternal Power and Godhead. But comparatively, it is but little that we can hence learn of thefe things, as unto what we may be- . . . · · · ·· :. · · · · hold