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Dn the .Gior; of Chrift. 4~ [elves to be wife among the Heathen embraced and improved. ' They did but fluctuate in their minds,they did not transform them into the Image and Likenefs of God, as 'the faving knowledg of him doth, Col. r I o. I SO the A poftle expreffeth this Truth ; Where is the wife? where is the Scribe ? /¥here is the Dif- . puter of this u:orld? Hath not G~d mad~foolifb the Wifdom vf thzs world? For after' that tn the Wifdvm of God , the world by wifdom kmw not GoJ., it pleafed God by the foolijhne.fi of preaching . to fave them tbat.belierve. For the Jews ·require a ftgn, anJ iheGentiles feek after wifdom; but we preach Cbrift crucified, unto the .Jews a ftumbling bloek, and un-- to the Greeks foolijhnefs ; but unto them that are called both, 1ews and Greeks, Chrift the power of God; and t'he wifdom of God, 1 Cor. 1. 20, 21, 22, 2.3, 14· AFTER it was evident unto a11, that the world, the wife, the ftudious, the contea1plative part of it, in the wifdom of God difpofing · them into that Condition, wherein they were left unto themfelves , in their own Wifdom, their Natural Light and Reafon did not, could not come to the faving knowledg of God, l>u~ were pufft!d up into a contempt of the only way of the Revelation of him-. f~lf; as weaknefs and folly ~ it pleafed God then to manifeft all their wifdom to be folly ; and to e-· ftabli{h the only means of the knowledg of him~· felf inChrift Jefus.-. ·· :.. l , • ~ ',• ; •• :. )1. .· ~HA~.: