Owen - BT200 O97 1684

- CHAP. II I The· Glory of Chrifl in the My/i~j ., rious Conflitution of his Perfon. THE Second Thirig wherein we may behold _ the Glory of Chrijf_given him of his Father, ii in the Myfterious Cmi1titutioh of his Perfon, as' he is God and Man in one arid the fame Perfon.· There are in hirh, in his one fingle, individnal per- · fon, two diftintt NatureS; 'The one Eternal, Infinite, Immenfe , Almighiy,the Fohri and Effence of .God ; The other having a: begiqning irl Time; Finite, Limited, Confined rinto a .'certain place, which is our Nature, which.he 'took on him, wheri he was r~?ade jlejh and dwelt ·among ~s. The DeclatatiOI}~ of the ~~tur~ of this Glory, "is a" Pf!rt of my difcourJe of tbe 'P~rfon. of Chrift, wrrere-' unto I refer the Reader : My prefent. defign is ·of another Natt1.re. · , · · ,, · · r · ~~. THIS is that Glory ·whofe Beams ate fo'; illnft'ti.:; ous., as that the blind worid cannot bear the Light' and Beauty. of them. Mult,itudes begin openfy tq derty this Incarnat'ion bf'the Son of Go'd, this perf'ona£ U,nion of God and man in their difi:ihtt~a.: tures. They deny that there is·either Gl~ry . pr Truth in it ; and it will ere long appear; :it be· gins already to evidence it felf what greater multitwJes ther_e are, who yet do not, who yet dare not openly teJea the Doctrme of it, who in Truth believe it not, nor fee any Glory in it. Howbeit . . this