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. , ~n the Glory tf Chrij/. 4~ turnei afide . to, foe , God c;lled u?]to hi1n c~t of the midft of the bujh, and fa_id, J!do{es, Mo(es ;a~!~ ;;e [aid, here am I. And he Jtud, draw not mgh htt1 trl put off thy jhqoes fro_m ~fj' thy feet, for . the placr/ whereon thou{ftmde/f zs holy ground._Moreover he few!./ J -am the God vfthr Fathers,theGud of Abraham._ &6.-, . THIS Fire was a Type or Declaration of the Prefenceof God in the Perfon of the .Son. For with refpect u'n'to the Father he is ~a1Jcd an /in-: gel, the Angel <?f the Covenant ; bl1t abfolntely in himfelf, he was Jeho'Vah~ .the Gcd vf Abrahmn,_ &c. And of his Prefence the Fire was a ptoper' Reprefentatiori. For in his Nature, he is as i Confuming FiTe ; and his prefent worK was the de. 1ivety of the Church out of a' Fiery Tr·ial. 1 his' · fire placed it felf in a Bu{h, W'hete it burned, butthe Bujh was not confhmed. And alrho the' · Continuance of the fi re in the Bufh , was but foi" a thort feafoh, a preftnt appearance ; yet thence was God faid to dwell in the Bnih ;· The good 1vil{ of him that dwelt in the bufh, Dent. j i· I 6. And {his is fo fpoken, becaufe the being of the Fire in the Bufh: for a feafort, was a Type of h'im ir1 whom the fu!mfs of the Godhead dwelt bodily, and that for ever, CoL 2 . 9· Of him who Was made· flejh and dwelt among us, loh. 1. 14. The Eter:r fled Fire of tlie Divine Nature dwells in the Bujh of' btu• fi·ail Nature, yet is not confumed thereby._ God thus Jw·ells in this Bujh, ·With all his Goo·dwill towards flnners. MOSES looked on this fight as a mar'Vellousan& ~o~d~ous thing. An;d if it were fo' in the' !Jpe,~ha'·c. IS rt m the Truth, Snbilance and Reahry ot It ?. AND by Direction given unto him, to E"lt off E hu