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48 Meditati01u and Difcourfes 7 and:Malice.Herebyhis deftrutl:ion is attended wirli everlafting Jhame in the difcovery of his Folly, wherein he would have contended With Infinite Wifdom, as well as Mifery , by the Powers of the two Natures united in one Per- ! fon. . - HERE lies the Foundation of the Church. The Foundation of the whole Old Creation was laid in an atl: of abfolute foveraign Power. Hereby God hanged the earth upon nothing. But the Foundation of the Church is on this Myfterious immoveable Rock ; thou art Chri(l the So!~ of the li~ vingGod; on the moft iritimate €OnJtintl:ion of the two Natures, the Divine and Humane , in themfelves infinitely diftant , in the fame Per.z fun. · WE may name one place wherein it is glorioufiy reprefented unto us, Ifa. 9· 6. For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the .f.overnment {hall be on his fhoulders ; and his name Jhall be calledwonderful, counfellor, the mighty God, the ever~. lafting Father, the Prince of peace. Hete muft the whole Church fall down and wodhip the Author of this wonderful contrivance, and captivating their underftandings unto the obedience of Faith, humbly adore what tliey cannot compte~ bend. THIS was obfcurely reprefented unto theChurcli ofold,Exo.j.2, 3,4,5 ,6../md the.angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midft of~ . bujh, arJd: he looked and behold the bufh burnedwit b. fire, and the bujh wai nut confumed.And Mofes fald, I wiO now turn afide, and fee this great fight, why the bujh is not burnt. And when the Lord fow that he t11r11