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'4 Meditations and Difco.Nrfls {he is adorned, cloth fay ; Thou haft -ravtjiJed m,y pettrt, P!J Jifter, my fpouje, thou haft ravijhed my fo,eart wi.~hone of thine eyes, 'lllith one chain of thy 1eck, Cam. 4· 8. Ho~ much more ought a be· .Ji.eving fo~g , upon a vieW of the Glory of Chrift , h1 whom it pleafed the Father, that all fulnefS; fhould d~vr.P , to fay, Tl~qu haft ravifhed my heart, t~ ken it away from me , 0 thou ?vhcm my foullove~·b; One glance of thy Glorions B,eauty upon me~ ,hath qu~te overcome me, bath left no heart in n1e, unto thi11gs here below ? If it be not tht1s with 'u&freque11;rly, if we value not this objeCt of pur m lads and a~eCtions, if we are riot diligent i11 looking ·ilp unto h~m, to behold his Glory, it is be~ caufe we are carnal, and not in any good meafilre. 'partakers Gf the promife , t};lat &ut eyes jhall fee the King in hi.s .beauty. · 2. OUR fe~ond DireCtion unto the fame end is ; That 'J?.le dilige\ctly ftudy theScripture,and the revela-· tiom that are mr!t~fe of thisgl{)ry of chrift therein. TQ .behold it, is not a work of Fancy or Imagination 1r is not conv~rfin~ with an Image fr ~med by the Art of men without~ or that of our 9WQ Fan~y w ithin; but of Faith e xercifed on Divin_e Revelations. This direCtit~ :t~ he gives ~1s himfelf, Joh.. 5· 39· Search the.Scriph '< ·es,fm· they are they that u jlifie of me. The way' pvhereby this is done, is Ji.1Jly fet before us in the e~p, mple of the Holy Propbers und er ~he old Tefram~nt,I Pet. I. I ~,1 2,13. , THI:, Principle is always· ~~) be retained in oil~ {lninds in reatling of the Scriptd~·<, namely, that the· l~evelation and Doarine of the Perfon of Chrift ~J:Jd his Office, is the foundation'w~ :ereon a11 other ~h~ftru(f;i9n~. of th~ Prophets and·f~ poitles for the· ~ ~ J. ~ • , .' • • · - ~ i- edF