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on the Glory ~f Chrifl~ S 5 edification of die Church are bu iit, and wherein to they are refolved, as is declared, Ephe{. ·2.. 202 r, 2 2. So our Lord }efi1s Chrift himfelf at, large makes it manifeft, Luk. 24. 26, 27, 4), 46. Lay afide the Conflderat'ion hereof, and the Scriptures are no fuch thing as they pretend unto; namely, a Revelation of the Glory of God in the Salvation of the Church ; nor are thofe of the Old Teffament fo at this gay unto the .{e21JS, who own not this Principle, 2 Cor. 3· I 3, 14, I), r6. Tnere are therefore fi1ch ·Revelatiomof the Perfcm and Glory of Chrifttreafilred up in the Scripture, from the beginning unto the ~plt of it, as may exercife the Faith and Contemplation of believers in this world ; and £hall never during this life be fully difcovered or underftood ; and in Divine Meditations of thefe Revelations, doth much ofthe life of Faith confift. · · THERE are three ways whereby the Glory of Chtift is reprefented unto us in the Scripture. Firfi:, by direff Defcriptions of his Glorious Perfon and Incarnation. See among other places, Gen. 3· I 5'· Pfal. 2. 7, 8, 9- Pfa!. 45'· 2, j, 4, ) , 6. Pfal. 68. 17, I 8. Pial. I ro. Ifa. 6. I, 2, 3, 4· Chap. 9· 6. Zech. 2 . 8. Job. I. r, 2, 3· Phil. 2. 6, 7, 8. Heb. I. r, 2, 3· Chap. 2. I4, I), I6. · Rev. r. t 7, I 8. Secondly, by Prophecies, Promifes and exprefs Inftrntl:ions concerning f1im , all leading unto the contemplation of his Glory, which are innumerable. Thirdly, by the facred Inftitutions of Divine Worfhip , under- the .Old Teftament : For the end of them all was to reprefent unto the Church the Glory of Chrift in the difcharge of his Office as we fhall fee afterwards. E 4 WE