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of Cbrift. 6 3 GENERALLY Chrift is nigh unto believerJ~ and .of a ready accefs; And the Principal actings of the life of Faith, confift in the frequency of our thoughts concerning him ; for hereby Chrift liveth in us, as he is fa id to do, Gal. 2. 2o.This we cannot do, unlefs we have frequent thoughts of him, and converfe with him. It is often faid :among men, that one lives in another; this cannot be but ·where the AffeCtions of one are fo ingaged unto another, that night and day he thinks of him, and is thereby as it were prefent with him. So ought it to be between Chrift and BeEevers. He dwells in them by fait h ; but the aU:ings of this life in th€m ( as wherever life is , it will be in act and exercife ) are proportionable unto ~heir Thoughts of him, and delight in him. IF therefore we would behold the glory o(Chrift, the prefent direCtion is,That on all occafions,and frequently when there are no occafions for it by the performance t)f other Duties, we would abound in thoughts o: Him and his glory. I intend not at prefent fixed and ftated lvfeditations, which were fpoken unto before; but fi1ch thoughts . as are more tranfient, :1ccordmg as our opportunities are. And a great rebuke it o11ght to be unto us, when Chrift bath at any time in a day been long ont of our minds. The Spoufe affi rms, That ere {he ?vas a·')l)are, her f6w,l marle her ru the chariots · of Amminadab, Cant. 7. 1 2. Ir fo fe ll out , that when £he had no thoughts, no defign or purpofe for attend a~:-we on communion with Chriit, that :Lhe was fi1rprifed into a readinefS and wr1lingnefs unto it. So will it be with them that love him in finGedty. TLeir own fouls , without frevious defigns