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go CI , i Falte Preftmptìtrns ofForgivenef.r. Pfal.t3o. on an enquiry into the rife and grounds of it in Chrui; fo that can a good and unqucítionable foundation they can go to God, and fay, there is forgiveneJs with thee. They fee how, and by what means, more glory comes unto God by forgive- nefs, then by punifhing of tin which is a matter that the other fort of men are not atall folicitous about. If they may cfcape punitliment, whether God have anyglory or no, for the molt part, they are indifferent. Secondly, The firjt Apprehenfion arifeth without any tryal upon enquiry in the Confcienccs of them in whom it is. They have not by the power of their conviliions, and difires ofConfci- ence, been put to make enquiry whether this thing be fo or no. h is not a perfwaton that they have arrived unto, in a way of Peeking fatirfaelion to their own fouls. It is not the refult of a deep. enquiry after peace and reth ht is antecedent unto Tryal and Experience, and fo is not Faith, but Opinion. For al- though Faith be not Experience, yet it is infcparable from it,as is every practical habit. Diftreífes in their confciences have beer- prevented by this Opinion, not removed. The reafon why the moll of men are not troubled about their fins to any purpofe, »from a perfuafíonthat God is merciful and will pardon; when indeed nonecan really, on a Gofpel account, ordinarily, have that perfwafion, but thofè who have been troubled for fin, and that to the purpofe. So is it with them that make this difcovery by faith. They have had confluas in their own fpirits, and being deprived of peace; have accoínplifhed a diligent tearch, whetherfrgivenefr were to be obtained or no. The perfwa- fion they have ofit, be it more or lets, is the iffuc of a trÿal they have had in their own fouls, of an enquiry how things flood betweenGod and them, as to peace, and acceptation of their Per-Cons. This is a vafi difference ; the one fort might pot ibly; have had trouble in their confciences about fin, had it not been for their Opinion offorgivenef ; this bath prevented, orffifled their convictions, not healed their wounds, which is the workof theGofpel ; but kept. them from being wounded which is thework of fëcurity; Yea, here lycs the ruine of the 'moil of them who perifh-unckr the preaching of the Gofpel. Theyhave .: receivedthegeneralnotiion of pardon à it floats in their mind,