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Ver.4. FaIfé PrefKmptions ofForgiveñef $9 . real fatisfadory foundation of that Apprehenlïon, as to them- felves. This they have heard, this they have been often told, fo they think, and fo they are refòlved to do. A general per- fwafion hereof, fpreads it felf over all to whom the found of the Gofpel doth come. It is not fiducially refolved into the Gofpel, but is an Opinion growing out of the Report of ir.' Some reliefmen find by it, in the common courfe of their Converjation, in the duties of War/hip which they do perform, as alto in their troab1 s and difircffes, whether internal and of confcience, or external and of Providence , fo that they re- folve to retain it. And this is that which I (hall briefly fpeak unto ; and therein manifcft the differences between this common prevailing Apprehenfion of forgivenefs, and Faiths difccovery of it to the foul in its power. Fir(t, That which we reject is loot, and general, not fixed, ingrafted, or planted on the mind. So is it alwayes, where the minds of men receive things, only in their notion, and not in their power. It wants fixednefs and foundation : which defects accompany all notions of the mind that are only re- tained in the memory, not implanted in the Judgement. They have general thoughts of it, which they ufe asocca/ion firvés. They hear that God is a merciful God, andas fuck they intend to deal with him. For the true bottom, rile and foundation of it, whence or on what account, thepure and holy God who will do no iniquity, theRighteous God, whole judgement it is, that they that commit fin are worthy of death, thouldyet par- don iniquity tranfgreffion and fin, they weigh it not, theycon- fider it not ; or ie theydo, it is in a flight and notional way, as they confider the thing it felt. They take it for granted that fo it is ; and are never put feriouflyupon theenquiry , how it comas to be fo; and that becaufe indeed they have no real concernment in it. Howmany thoulands may we meet withal], who take it for granted, thatforgivenefs is to be had with God, that never yet had any ferious exercife in their fouls, about the grounds of it, and its conlifiency with his holünefs and juftice. But thole that know it by faith, have a fenfe of it fixedparti- cularly and diflincly on their minds. They have been;put up- -on